Answered By: Bethany O'Donoghue
Last Updated: Jun 06, 2023     Views: 39

There is an option on Discover@Bolton to save your search terms and filters (e.g. 'Peer reviewed', publication year etc) to return to later. 


This can be achieved by clicking on the 'Save Search' button beneath the search bar;

A screenshot of a catalogue search bar with a red circle around a 'Save Search' button and a 'View Saved' link

After selecting 'Save Search' a pop up box will appear. You can change the name of your search to differentiate it from similar searches you may have carried out. If you would like to save this search so that it appears during your next searching session, select 'Sign in with Microsoft' and sign in using your full University of Bolton email. After signing in, click 'Done'. If you would rather save this search so that it only stays during this searching session, click 'Done'. 

pop-out box featuring a textbox to rename a search, black text 'sign in to save permanently', Microsoft or Google buttons, 'Done' button

If you would like to revisit past searches, select the 'View Saved' link beneath the search bar and it will show a list of saved searches. If these searches are permanently saved, they will stay with your account until you graduate and your account is deleted. 


If you would like to know more about the 'Save Search' options, please look at this link from ExLibris